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The inside of my vigina feels raw and bleeds lightly when I wipe. Also burns when I urinate. What do you think?

Posted by Sleepless71

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The burning when you urinate might be from urine coming in contact with raw broken skin.  Or it might be from a urinary tract infection.  Either way, you should get checked out by your family physician.  Regarding your vagina feeling raw & bleeding lightly when you wipe, I presume you're referring to your labia as I can't imagine why you need to wipe inside your vagina.  But semantics & medical terminology aside, post-menopausal women often complain of dryness and lack of lubrication noted in association w/loss of estrogen.  Or it might simply be a matter of contact irritation (allergic reaction) to a soap or shampoo.  Again, go see your family physician to be absolutely sure.


As an aside, there's no need to douche as that will only upset the delicate pH & microbial balance in your vagina.  Your odor is distinctly yours.  As long as you're healthy, you should be smell fine.  If your smell changes, you might have an infection.  But we don't recommend douching just to make your smell go away if you don't really smell in the first place.  Notice I've avoided using the word "odor" since you shouldn't have an "odor" but rather a smell.  Hope that makes sense.  Good luck!

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