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the custom of wedding party

Posted Jan 17 2013 9:25am

the custom of wedding party

The wedding party is held to celebrate the marriage banquet, often referred to as wedding party. In the West, the wedding party is usually held after the wedding ceremony. This tradition after marriage banquets in most of the world’s culture can be seen, however, its content is very different.

Most Western countries, to eat an extremely rich postprandial (traditionally the home of the bride to pay), the people attending the wedding will be caused by the blessing words. Traditionally addressed, including the bride’s father, the best man, usually you will expect him to some ridicule new jokes), and then finally the groom. In the modern American wedding, the speech is usually the chief, the best man and chief bridesmaid (the maid of honor).


Caused by blessing words, the couple will begin their first dance, often referred to as the bridal wlatz. The music in most of the modern wedding is a romantic pop music, new people hop dance is rarely true waltz, but based on the music to dance different styles of dance.

The wedding party dance there may be some special mode. For example, after the first dance, the groom will escort the bride to her father over there, so that they father and daughter to a dance. After the end of these special dance, the guests will be invited to end up dancing together. The banquet will be toasting each other with the celebration has been to the new people get on one until the departure of their friends decorated “car. Marriage of traditional differences in various cultures, even in the same country in different regions. Here are some different traditions.

Money dance or dollar dance: guests will pay a micro-amount of money to the bride or groom dancing. In some cultures, the money will be nailed to the bride wearing a special apron. Some cultures by a friend to collect the money, and sometimes they will pay for each guest to give them a small glass of wine. This tradition is very common in the Midwest, in other areas, however, is considered tacky.

Threw the bride’s bouquet and garter: the bouquet of the bride of the hands of the lost go to the back of the presence of single women, who received the bouquet will be the next to marry. The groom is the spot the bride’s garter slipped out of the (usually do so for entertainment guests), lost to the bride’s garter to all the single men, who received the garter will be considered to be the next to marry people. Sometimes men want to received garter to wear to the women who received a bouquet.

Sometimes the garter is sold by drawing lots, rather than with the lost. Some places in the United States, this behavior would be considered tacky. Knock on the glass: the guests will knock on the glass during the meal (usually using the spoon) drew attention, and then request the new people stand up and kiss. Sometimes newcomers will be ready for the bell to replace the knock on the glass. Articles from

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