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The Allstate Foundation--Funding Domestic Violence Resources or Hidden Agendas?

Posted Mar 31 2010 12:00am

As a victim of domestic violence, one of the first hotline numbers I dialed was the number to the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV). Soon after I reached out for help and advice, I was quickly turned away by this funded Domestic Violence Organization. The excuse they gave me was that they did not provide domestic violence services, and that they could no longer use email as a way of communicating with me. This coming from one of the most well-known Domestic Violence Organizations was alarming to me. Needless to say, they never advised me, helped me, or even provided me with the least bit of support.

Unfortunately, The Allstate Foundation provides large amounts of funding to the NNEDV, while smaller Domestic Violence Organizations and Programs suffer and fail to get any funding at all. Earlier today, Alexis Moore, President of Survivors in Action (a non-profit that is not funded) had a chance to provide feedback to The Allstate Foundation which I will share. Her comments and opinions ring true to most survivors and victims in that most victims fail to get assistance from Domestic Violence Organization and Programs across the U.S., and many are left with a feeling of hopelessness and fear I can barely describe through this brief post.

Alexis Moore
How do we get the funding allocated from the Allstate Foundation to servicing victims and not hidden agendas?

We need the funding generated to be allocated to advocates across the nation who will assist victims one on one and not provide them with the proverbial run- around.

I would be happy to share with you the thousands of stories of victims of domestic violence,just like me,reaching out for help every day to shelters and domestic violence partnerships and Coalitions to find there is no help.

Until companies like Allstate and others allocate their donations to organizations like SIA who work with victims one on one there will be no real help!

SIA has thousands of emails to NNEDV from victims documenting the lack of response received from the NNEDV, amongst other national and local domestic violence service providers. All of these organizations refer victims to the hotline and tell them quote “they are not a victim service provider”. I have thousands of emails to prove that and victims from across the nation willing to testify to their experiences if they live long enough to do so. That is why so many are documenting their experiences in writing and by video so that upon their death their testimony will live on until real reform takes place.

We don’t need anymore awareness programs. The problem is there is plenty of “awareness” ie. pamphlets, brochures, luncheons with paid speakers, paid lobbyists, billboards, and television ad’s telling victims to reach out for help. What is lacking is paid professional advocates that serve victims one on one and provide consistent follow-up. So we have opened the flood gates telling victims to reach out for help and we are finding out that there is no real help available anywhere-- this must change.

Until there is a real change and funding directed and allocated to pay for paid professional advocates to work with victims one on one until they are survivors, victims will continue to be left behind or worse, die.

That is why SIA is here to help bring about real change and real reform, so that victims won’t have to find out the hard way that there is not a resource that will actually provide them with more than rhetoric.

Allstate should consider auditing their donations to these organizations to determine where the funds are actually going- the findings could be very eye opening to say the very least.

Every dollar donated by The Allstate Foundation could be a dollar spent helping to save a life of a victim in dire need.

If you are a victim of domestic violence that is unable to find assistance through reaching out to Domestic Violence Organizations please do the following
1. Contact Lynn Rosenthal at

2. Contact your local Assemblymember/Congressman/woman to report any Domestic Violence Organization that is not providing what they claim.
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