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The Age Old Dilemma

Posted Apr 01 2009 2:53pm

Okay, maybe not age old.  But well-know, nonetheless.

My computer has been dealt a death-blow. As of this moment, it is still standing - but only just barely.  Four freezes, a blue-screen, a CHKDSK and a "dirty volume" later, and I believe it's trying to tell me something.  Or sell me something, if you believe in planned obsolescence.  Which I do.


As a freelance writer, I have no recourse but to buy a new computer.  Sadly, I have no money.  Which I understand is necessary in a standard "purchase" relationship.  Where I'll scrape up the cash, I do not know.  But when I do, I'll have to decide:

PC? Or Mac?

And from there, which varietal?

So I'm hoping my interneighbors (that's the new word I've just now coined for you all, dearest readers) will be able to pitch in once again with your collective wisdom to lead me down the right path.

Here're the facts:

I'm currently on a PC.
I've had PCs all along, but have also worked on Macs and understand them quite well.
I have expensive software that is Windows based, including Photoshop and InDesign.
I work with lots of people who use Macs.
I work with lots of people who use PCs.
I need a good deal of storage and a large screen for photography work.
My husband's laptop is a PC.
We use satellite internet (boonies) and a wireless router.
I work primarily at my desk, but would love (LOVE) to be able to do more from elsewhere, as my current clients and life demand with greater frequency.


Okay, GO!

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