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Thank you to our Veterans!

Posted Nov 11 2009 10:00pm

As many know I have worked for the federal government for over 30 years. And one aspect of my long career I am very proud of is for two different periods I had the privilege to work at a local VA Medical Center and ensure our veterans were given good health care.

Walking through those halls everyday gave me many opportunities to see just a few of the men and women who gave so much to ensure I have freedom. Many gave their health, their limbs, their mental health just to name a few items to ensure this country stays the land of the free. These men and women give so much and do not get enough gratitude. So many go unnoticed.

Today is Veterans Day. Many will be off today and will probably sleep in late, go shopping or catch up on some errands. Many will go about their day just like every other day and never even think of our veterans. My prayer is that many today will pause and say a prayer for all our veterans and our active duty military. They need our prayers every day.

I am very blessed to have many veterans in my family. My husband is a veteran and very proud of his service to this country. My father and father-in-law are both veterans. But they never draw attention to that or require an thanks. They just did what they thought was right for our country - that is what describes so many veterans of this country.

My husband has a friend who calls him every Veterans Day and says thank you for serving in our military. Apparently he makes it a point to call anyone he personally knows who is a veteran and thanks them for their service. Isn't that awesome? If my husband is not home, he leaves a very nice message of thanks. That little gesture really means a lot to my husband.

As we move through this day to honor our country's veterans, let us all also remember their families in our prayers. The families of veterans make many untold sacrifices so they can serve our country.

Happy Veterans Day, thank you for all you have given this country.
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