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tenderspot on inner thigh again

Posted by sweetshannon1

hi iwentto the doctors a month ago when i got a tender spot on my inner thigh she said i was fine no blood clots no dvt nothing a wrong but p0ut me on pain med and now it came back in the same spot no swelling just pain if i touch it how im doing this to my legs i got 3 young kids and some times i might pick them up im just pulling muscle in there is that posible to keep pulled it in the same spot please help im stressed right now im scared please thanks to every one
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Hi Shannon: I'm glad you had it checked out. At least we know it wasn't serious.

Yes, you could be pulling a muscle in the same area over and over. I wouldn't say it's the same muscle, but one in that general area so it feels the same.

I'm suprised you don't have a bruise this time. Since there is no swelling, just pain, it sounds more like maybe one of your young ones may have kicked your leg.

Well, keep me informed how it's going. I'm interested in how this progresses.

Try not to worry. It's not serious. Just everyday life as a SuperMom like you. With 3 kids you have your hands full.  I raised one and that was enough for me!


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