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Tell the puppet master I am through

Posted Apr 25 2010 12:00am
I went out driving tonight
Desperately seeking the end of the road.
I kept searching
The further I went, the closer it should be.
I am lost somewhere on that road
Unable to turn around
Unable to see how much further I have left to drive
Staring at the passenger seat
as empty as my head
I feel everything
I think nothing.
Where am I?
Give me the chance to climb
or I'll suffocate in this altitude.

Give me the chance to exert myself
or I'll forget what my body is capable of.

Give me the chance to feel
something other than this constant pain.

Don't let it dominate my life
I already feel myself slipping away.

Don't let it consume me
I have higher aspirations.

Don't let it take my voice
I have more to say.

Do we define our actions or do they define us?
Who has control?
Tell the puppet master I am through.
If I am going to fight,
at least let me see my enemy.
If you do not show yourself,
I will go wild and swing blindly.

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