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Tasty Tuesday – Dining Out

Posted Aug 01 2009 12:00am

I don’t know about you, but I like to eat out.  It’s fun, it’s social, and sometimes it’s just the break I need.  Take yesterday for example.  My husband called to say he would be in meetings until 6 p.m., which meant we couldn’t expect him home before 6:45.  We had appointments with Dr. Jana for much needed adjustments since we’re all fighting summer colds.  Due to several circumstances (all of them our fault) the appointment took much longer than expected so we were leaving her office right in the middle of rush hour traffic and a thunderstorm.  Not a good combination.  So my choices were: fight traffic with two hungry kids for an hour, get home and try to cook something while entertaining two hungry kids, and likely end the day on a sour note.  Or, we could stop and get something to eat while traffic cleared up, relax a little and hopefully end the day on a high note.  That decision was easy.  I opted for the later.  But the tough part is choosing a place to eat that will have healthy options for all of us.  So here are some suggestion the next time you want/need to dine out without having a cheat meal.

Last night, we chose Jason’s Deli for several reasons.  1.  They are very family friendly.  When we walked in the door the girl behind the counter greeted us and asked how many high chairs I would need.  She saw that I had my hands full and after taking our order she got the high chair and set it at our table.  When your food was ready they brought it to the table and they clean up after you.  They make it about as easy as it can get when you’re dining alone with two kids.  2.  They offer a wide variety of healthy options including a great kids menu and several organic choices.  They have removed artificial trans fats, MSG and high fructose corn syrup from their foods and they include fresh fruits and vegetables with most meals.  One of my personal favorites is the salad bar.  3.  It’s one of the few restaurants we all agree on.  Even my picky husband enjoys eating at Jason’s Deli.  He orders the salad bar and Texas chili, which is shocking to me!   It’s probably the healthiest thing he eats outside of our home. 

Below are some other restaurants that offer healthy options when you’re on the go or just need a break. 

  • Arby’s – surprised?  They have natural, hormone free chicken breasts.  Just try to avoid the fries and milk shakes.
  • Carraba’s – Try the salmon fillet or chicken-breast.
  • Whole Foods – Great salad bar and hot food bar.  (It’s a little drive from our house so I try to plan shopping trips around lunch or dinner and we eat while we’re there.  The kids love it!) 
  • Sushi restaurants – You can usually find lots of healthy options at any good sushi place.
  • Publix/Kroger – Salad bar is great for a fast lunch or take out.
  • Tossed – It’s pretty pricey, but nice for a treat.  You really can’t go wrong with their huge selection of salads and soups.
  • Steak Houses – Stick to steak or salmon with fresh veggies or salad and use olive oil and vinegar instead of premixed dressings.
  • 9 Fruit Smoothies – They use fresh fruit instead of syrups.   Yum!

Where do you go for healthy food when you’re out and about?

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