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Taking a step back

Posted Oct 13 2009 10:05pm
I apologize again for not updating- it's been a crazy couple of weeks. The biggest news is that after this past weekend, I am unable to play tennis anymore this season. My hip could not take three days in a row and is inflamed and very irritated right now. I'm pretty upset because I worked so hard this past summer to be able to play and compete at regionals, and now I have to stop one week shy of my goal. But, I guess there's always next season. And I know there's more to life than college tennis.

Due to the inflamed hip I have experienced an escalation in all my other issues. I'm having difficulty sitting, as well as sharp vaginal and rectal pains. Although it's hard to deal with it, it's a little comforting to see the connection between my hip and my pain. I still think I'm on the right track. I also haven't been able to get up to New York, so I'm sure that contributed.

Thankfully, I was able to see Stacey today and she released me rectally. I felt some immediate relief, but everything is still very tight and painful. I'm seeing her again Monday, so I just have to be patient and work through this low.

So the new plan is to give my hip a break for a month. I obviously pushed it too hard, so as hard as it will be, I will rest it. No tennis, no dancing, no climbing, no running. I can still work out, but only my core and my upper body. It's very hard for me to sit and do nothing- I'd much rather take a proactive role when it comes to physical therapy. But it seems like this is what I need right now. I'll have to settle for reading climbing books and daydreaming about mountains.
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