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Taking a Deep Breath

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:25pm

First, my deepest thanks to all of you who have stopped by and offered words of comfort and your voices of experience.  All of your comments have provided incredible comfort to me and to LG.  As I’ve written about in the past, this blog has been a source of contention between LG and me.  Over the past couple of days, I’ve read him several of the comments I’ve received, and I think he’s finally starting to understand why having this blog and your support means so much to me.

Even just a few days have made a difference, and I’m starting to feel better.  Hope has crept back in…she’s a tough gal to keep down!

We were very fortunate to be able to get in with Dr. Yacht today for our WTF meeting - especially since I’m traveling for work the next two weeks solid starting Monday, and I didn’t want to have to wait until I got back in town.  The meeting went really well.  I do love Dr. Yacht.  We had a good discussion and here’s what we’ve learned and/or plan to do differently next time.

(1) The fact that I stimulated so well using two completely different protocols yet had pretty significant attrition at each phase suggest to him that it is a quality issue - egg or sperm or both.  He believes this is the cause moreso than an implantation issue as my lining has been ideal both times.

(2) Because the lining looks great but now a total of six nearly perfect Day 3 embryos have failed to yield a pregnancy, he is considering some sort of genetic issue with the embryos.  To that end, if we have happen to have a better yield next time and there are enough embryos for it to make sense, he will perform PGD.

(3) I asked him about immunology issues.  As I suspected based on what other Dr. Yacht patients have said, he doesn’t really buy into the theory, but he did run a panel of bloodwork today to look at immunological levels as well as to perform karyotype testing to look for chromosomal abnormalities.  He did say that he will add Lovenox to my post-transfer protocol next time just to cover our bases.  He does not believe in IVIG treatment, but did give us the name of a local doctor if we wanted to pursue.  He said if we decided to go that route, he would still do our treatment, but the other doctor would manage that portion of my treatment plan.  Based on his explanation, that’s not something LG and I are going to pursue at this time.

(4) Because our first IVF demonstrated that at least one of our embryos has made it to blast, we are going to push this time to Day 5 no matter what.  Worse comes to worse, we’ll thaw our frozen guy that morning as a backup plan.

(5) NO LUPRON!!!  Since I stimmed fine on the pill, we’re going to go back to that.  LG is very happy about that as he feared for life and limb last time around.  My tear ducts are also grateful.  The makers of Jelly Bellies and Twizzlers (my go-to comfort foods) - less so.

(6) I plan to add acupuncture next time around.  Maybe not on the days of ER and ET as that’s logistically difficult, but at least during the stimulation phase.

These last 2 aren’t protocol related but feel equally important:

(7) We are taking a break until the June cycle.  In the meantime, Italy has been chosen as the location for the consolation prize.  We’re hoping to plan a trip for early April, so I need to get crackin’ on that.

(8) I also plan to try to add a few things back into my life that seem to have been sacrificed on the altar of all-things-babymaking.  We’re still not making huge moves like changing jobs or moving - both of which are oft-discussed topics of ours, but at least I can get back to some of the activities like singing lessons and cooking classes that gave me a little dimension.   I really need that.

So, thanks in large part to you guys and Dr. Yacht, we’re picking ourselves up, taking a deep breath, and going forward.

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