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Swollen right ankle?

Posted by EdwardsR

I have a swollen right ankle that affects my foot and leg causing them both to swell. When I walk i can feel fluid in the top of the right foot . My doctor checked my pee so theres no protein leak. and the right ankle It aches if Im standing on it for a while
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It's not clear to me how long this has been happening.  Any previous trauma?  Any prior blood clots?  Varicose veins?  Infections?  Travel to impoverished countries?  New medicines?  Amlodipine and other calcium channel blockers are notorious for causing edema.  If it's only happening to one leg, then it's very unlikely for you to be leaking protein, since that should affect both legs equally.  Also, it's unlikely to be from heart failure or pulmonary hypertension since only one leg is affected.  I suppose that rarely, something higher up in the pelvis on the right side could cause this.  That's why it's best to get more thorough and indepth evaluation.
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