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swollen parotid gland and inner ear pain

Posted by mgalor

I haven't felt 100% for almost a year now. My symptoms change often and sometimes don't even seem to be related. This month, however, the pain has increased significantly and is beginning to effect my daily life. I am a twenty-one year old female with no known medical ailments other than hypoglycemia and dysmennorhea. This month, I had two feminine cycles, and my symptoms increased during the second cycle. It started with nausea (but no vomiting), dizziness, and a sensation of pressure on my heart. My abdominal cramps were stronger and lasted longer than usual (extending past my cycle). Then, my parotid gland swelled up on the left side of my face and a strange pulsating feeling began in my lower left abdomen. When this gushing sensation began, the pain in my abdomen went away. Today, I have woken up with tremendous inner ear pain and am just clueless as to how all these symptoms tie together, or if they even do. Please offer any available medical knowledge regarding my symptoms, it is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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