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Swollen inguinal lymph nodes and severe constipation 5 months after pelvic laparoscopy?

Posted by KarenLL

I have endometriosis and had pelvic laparoscopy to diagnose and treat this.  Adhesions were removed where my uterus was attached to my colon and my uterus was apparently surgically repositioned since it had been moved by the adhesions.  Since the surgery I have had worsening symptoms including; swollen inguinal lymph nodes, severe constipation, odd internal abdominal twitching, back pain, nipple discharge from left breast, and frequent migraine headaches.  My doctors have been unhelpful.  The dr that performed surgery has done (painful) pelvic exams and says everything looks good so I must be fine.  He prescribed a pain killer which I don't want.  My pcp ran bloodwork and said my wbc count was elevated but it has been elevated for a while so he wasn't concerned.  I haven't had any imaging studies done and I am in so much pain I cannot sleep.  A heating pad sometimes helps on my back but I can hardly bend my legs because of the swollen lymph nodes.  Please give me suggestions on what might be causing this and what I should do.  I am crying on a daily basis from this pain.
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My advice is to go find another doctor - get a 2nd and/or 3rd opinion if necessary.  At least find someone who is able to communicate better w/you.  If you're hurting and noticeably so during a pelvic exam, then everything can't look "good" and you can't be "fine".  WBC (white blood cell) counts shouldn't be high as that suggests infection which is consistent with swollen inguinal lymph nodes.  At the very least, an ultrasound seems very reasonable to me, perhaps even an abdominal CT scan w/contrast.  Constipation can be due to a number of different issues but I'd also be worried about bowel obstruction since you had adhesions and now abdominal surgery, both of which increase your risk.  So like I said at the beginning, find another doctor and get a 2nd/3rd opinion.  Good luck!
Dear Dr. Lin, Thank you very much for your response.  As it happens, the pain and symptoms brought me to the ER earlier this week.  After listening to my bowel sounds the doctor decided to do a CT scan with contrast and discovered that I have colonic diverticulosis and a thickened duodenum (all GI issues) though they did note an ovarian cyst but it is only 2cm in size.  I consulted with a reputable GI specialist the following day and was told that I will need to have upper endoscopy/ colonoscopy as well as a barium study of my small intestine.  I am scheduled to have these in about a week after my colon has had some time to rest on a liquid diet (I am still in a lot of pain).  The ER doctor said I did the right thing to come in and that my symptoms were characteristic of diverticulitis.  He said if I do not improve or my symptoms worsen to return to the ER immediately.  Thank you again for your help.
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