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swelling of neck on both sides

Posted by josephine

I am 57 and had one treatment of what was called a laser genisis package two days ago on my face and neck for what was supposed to be a deep beauty treatment.  When I returned home, I found that my neck was very swollen on both side almost egg like just above my collarbone.  These lumps seem to protrude more if I pull my arms back.  I am menopausal and very concerned about this.
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I am most anxious to speak to you.  I am having the very same problem... and have been seeking answers.... please contact me via email

Josephine, I also had just one treatment of the laser genisis treatment and have been going through hell ever since.  I have the same egg like swelling on either side of my neck that, then spread also to the back of my neck along with pain and headaches.  I have been seeing my regular physician, an internal medicine doctor, to help me find an answer to this.  She has sent me to head scans, blood tests, chest x-rays,...all showing no signs of disease or problems and yet I spend time every day with ice packs on my head and neck and these same egglike lumps at my neck... Please contact me at 717-979-3419 or email at  I am also 57.  I am Patti and am most anxious to hear from you,  I have been so concerned, as no one has ever heard of this before I found this.  Patti Provenzano-Erwin
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