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Sunsets are always followed by sunrises

Posted Jun 04 2010 12:00am

Some times the sun sets way before we are ready for darkness.  This week, my office held space for a number of broken hearts reeling from unanticipated endings.  Some were abrupt endings, with confusion coiling around feelings of powerlessness and sadness while others were held to a slow flame ebbing and flowing with hope and despair. These wonderful hearts filled with love and desire were cracked wide open by the betrayal of another person, the betrayal of their psyche or the betrayal of a loved one's body racked by an unstoppable or difficult disease.

In the midst of devastating heartbreak, hope can wane like a candle flame on it's last legs.  The way out of grief can feel as elusive as a colorful butterfly fluttering by so quickly that catching it seems like a futile exercise.  Betrayal and grief, kissing cousins, makes one want to collapse in on herself never to return to the land of the living.

Yet, these feeling pass.  The human spirit is a resilient sort, not easily held down forever.  It rises out of the ashes of despair, anger, grief and betrayal, kind of like the old toys, Weeble Woobles , that gets pushed down but gets back up. 

If you are suffering from an unbearable heartbreak take really really good care of yourself.  Let yourself cry and sob and sob and sob.  Talk with good caring people. Try as best you can to eat well and move your body.  Let go of working too hard to find your way out, it will find you as you work your process.  Find safe ways to let your anger move through.  Be kind to you and the sun will rise in your world again.


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