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Sunday Night Roundup

Posted Sep 29 2013 7:14pm
Sunday Night Roundup 9.29.2013 We are making progress towards buying the house we put an offer on – it’s been all stressful and involves not so fun things like financing and appraisals and involves a lot of waiting (really TONS of waiting).  I didn’t want to get excited and then be let down so I’ve kept it pretty hush-hush from the blog world.  But we are making progress, and I’ve started to let myself get just a teensy bit excited.  And if I never mention it again you’ll know that things went south.  So let’s pretend I never said anything.  What?  Exactly.

Anyhow – things and links I’ve been loving this week.

  1. 12 things happy people do differently
  2. Heathrow airport recreates the same flight experience  for an Autistic man.  20 times.
  3. Some of the best television  I have ever seen
  4. 35 incredibly spectacular wildlife photos
  5. fascinating article on which foods scientifically share flavor profiles
  6. a letter for those of us who love our rescue dogs
  7. elegant sterling leaf chandelier earrings
  8. there’s a fine line between satire and reality
  9. there’s an owl on a sweater  and I want it

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