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Sunday Mornings...

Posted Nov 29 2009 9:49am
What a beautiful day this Sunday morning brings us.  I was thinking to myself how I used to feel about Sunday's when I knew I had to go to my "JOB" the next day.  Especially after a holiday weekend of spending great times with friends and family.  The day would progressively get worse, my mood would alter with every hour. 

The wonderful times and beautiful days would disappear with the looming prospect of the dreaded Monday morning alarm. I would remind myself that "this is what life is all about getting up and being a responsible adult doing your duty to be apart of the daily workforce!?" Yet I couldn't resign myself to that knawing in my gut of being unfulfilled.. shouldn't I be thankful that someone wanted to employ me and that I was getting a paycheck?

Many years later, now that I am working for myself, sometimes I remember that feeling of dread for that Monday morning alarm.  Now, I have a new passion for Monday mornings that I never thought would happen.  I have been given the gift of sharing my passion with others through health and wellness.  My days are now dedicated to making life better for myself and those around me.  With the help of some great minds I get my guidance from Wayne Dyer, Barbara DeAngelis, Debbie Allen, Loral Langemeier. 

I believe that all of us have a purpose in life and we don't have to dread the life we are living.  Take the time today to reflect on your passions and your purpose.  It may not be obvious today but with some help of others you may find that you just might like Sunday nights and Monday mornings like I do...

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