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Posted Apr 09 2012 10:17am
Peace of mind
My friend, former Miss Universe Mpule Kwelagobe , tweeted this quote once, and every time I have had a ridiculously crazy and/or emotionally draining day, it comes back to mind.

"Anybody can give up, it's the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that's true strength".
- Anonymous

The amount of running around I have been doing the past few weeks is insane. I felt like every hour of my day was scheduled to death. To top it off, my 80 year-old uncle was beaten and mugged last Thursday, and I was the first one who saw him and had to break the news to the rest of our family.

Inside, I was an emotional wreck, outside, few if any noticed anything different. Being a businesswoman, a beauty queen, a sister, friend etc. - it's been quite the juggling act. I have to thank my personal trainers , because really, the fact that I have enough energy to get through my LONG days, is due to their workouts, and of course eating better (I'm not perfect though). I thank God/Universe because even when I look up and think, "really God", I know he also gives me the strength to pull through anything. Support from my family and friends helps. They understand. They get (for the most part) that I'm busy, because most of them are just as busy too. Who knows how many more curve balls will come my way in the next few days, but even so I'll handle it, just like I always do.

Countdown to Ms. America: 2 days!
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