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Sometimes, you just can't predict what will happen

Posted Aug 18 2010 2:41pm
What are the odds that two different potentially catastrophic obstetrical emergencies could happen within just a few days?

It makes me wonder.........

One cord prolapse after SROM, and one spontaneous uterine rupture (no labor), all in a span of just a few days. Seriously! No precipitating factors, and not caused by medical interventions. Just....BOOM!

Wow, wow, wow. I'm constantly amazed at how normal things can turn bad in a moment.

I have honestly only ever seen two uterine ruptures in my 9+ years in OB. Just two! One with no prior uterine incision, one with a prior incision.

Cord prolapse? I can count on one hand how many of those I have witnessed in my years as a nurse.

That's how rare these two events can be. Some nurses never see either event in their career. I'm just so grateful for such fantastic co-workers who pull together in emergencies like these. We can get a baby out in less then 10 minutes, from the time a cord prolapse is discovered. Everyone does their role beautifully.

Best of all? We have some of the most amazing maternal and neonatal outcomes!

I'm so glad to experience not only the good in my job, but also these dire medical and obstetrical emergencies. I believe that these experiences will help me to be the absolute best nurse-midwife I can be in the future.
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