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Some Tips to Help in Smooth Recovery after Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Posted Sep 23 2013 8:46am

Breast Reconstruction Recovery Tips

Breast reconstruction is a great option available for women who wish to regain their youthful looking breasts. It is a practical choice for women who have lost their breasts to cancer. DIEP flap breast reconstruction is an innovative and unique procedure that is offered at select plastic surgery facilities in the United States. Recovery after any surgery will be quick provided the surgeon’s instructions are followed carefully. To recover quickly after breast reconstruction surgery it is important to take some precautions and follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions. Let us consider some tips that will help in smooth recovery after breast reconstruction.


  • The healing diet - For fast healing of the wounds you must ensure to take nutrients such as protein, vitamin C and zinc. The same can be had from eating green vegetables, milk products, citrus fruits and meat products. You can also get them through multivitamins and nutritional supplements available. 
  • Avoid strenuous activity - Strenuous activities such as lifting of heavy objects and exercising should be avoided at least for a period of four weeks after the breast reconstruction surgery. As emergency stopping and braking can cause discomfort and pain, driving should be kept at bay for at least a week.
  • Care for your wounds - The operated area should be treated very carefully. Avoid wetting of the wounds at least for a week post surgery as they are not completely healed and moisture can aggravate the situation. The ideal sleeping position would be either on the back or sideways with pillows buffering for comfort.
  • Watch for complications - Severe pain or unexpected symptoms should be immediately brought to the notice of the plastic surgeon. Deflated breasts, high fever, aching or forming of lumps, foul smelling or coloured discharge from the wounds, excessive and unusual swelling or high intensity burning sensation are among the unexpected symptoms. Any of the mentioned symptoms require immediate antibiotics treatment.
  • Tight-fitting sports bra - Excessive movement can result in creating discomfort and bruising of the wounded area. To minimize swaying, wearing of sports bra is recommended by the surgeons. The precaution is more important in the early days of recovery as the excessive usage of arms and chest area may result in bleeding and irritation.
The above mentioned tips will surely help in ensuring a smooth recovery after your breast reconstruction procedure. Make sure that the breast surgery is provided by a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon at an AAAASF accredited plastic surgery center.


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