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Some Important Facts about Breast Enhancement Surgery

Posted May 06 2013 5:29am
The figure of a woman can change for the better with the help of breast augmentation or breast enhancement surgery that ensures more volume and appeal for the breasts. This in turn contributes to increased self-confidence and self-esteem. However, before going for breast augmentation surgery, you need to be aware of some facts about this procedure. Most importantly, you must maintain realistic expectations regarding the outcome.

Given below are some facts that you must definitely know about breast enhancement surgery:

>> Complete involvement is required

Women undergoing the procedure must be fully involved in it, collecting all possible information about the surgery. Make it a point to be involved in the choice of implants. Implants would affect the movement, projection, cleavage, size and shape of breasts.

Every person’s body is quite unique. No matter how similar two women may look, they don’t have the same shape, same muscle volume, the same skin elasticity or the chest wall structure. A skilled and experienced plastic surgeon can recommend the right implant option for you.

>> Implants don’t last forever

On an average, the lifespan of breast implants is somewhere between ten to fifteen years. However, there are cases where breast implants start leaking or breaking earlier than the usual expected period. However, some patients are lucky enough for whom the implants last quite long. Women should develop the understanding that as they grow old, several changes take place in the body. Various factors such as weight gain, menopause, pregnancy and hormones bring about these changes. These changes can affect the shape and size of the breasts too. As a result, the implants may also become unsuitable. You may have to replace them if this happens.

>> The incision site may vary with your body type

For implant insertion, the incision can be made under the breast, in the armpit or around the nipple. The incision site is decided by the surgeon according to individual conditions. The incision size also differs with the type of implant. Saline implants require only smaller incisions than the silicone gel implants.

>> Breast asymmetry can be corrected at the time of augmentation

Breast asymmetry can be corrected at the time of breast enhancement surgery by means of a breast lift procedure. Breast lift also lifts up drooping breasts making them appear more youthful.

>> Only a trained and experienced plastic surgeon can ensure the expected aesthetic results

This is the most important fact you need to be aware of. Make sure that you are having the procedure done by a trained and experienced board certified plastic surgeon that provides breast enhancement surgery.  A reliable surgeon would work to help you achieve your aesthetic goals, taking them into consideration when planning and providing the surgery.
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