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Soft lump below the clavicle on my right shoulder area

Posted by we2brink

I am 37 years old, trim and in good health.  The soft lump is located directly under my right clavicle, about halfway between the edge of my neck and the outside edge of my shoulder.  It feels like maybe the diamater of a golf ball, which is ironic because I suspect it came from playing Wii Golf too vigorously...but I can't find online that anyone else has had this symptom from golfing, so I thought I should ask someone.  It's not painful at all, in fact if I press it with my finger, the soft lump seems numb-ish.  The skin is not numb, but the lump itself has no sensation.  When I first noticed it (5 or 6 months ago) it had a very very slight grayish color, like it was a bruise...but again, this was so slight that I could barely distinguish it.  I can't see any discoloration at all now.  What should I do? 

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