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Smoothie Mornings and The Correct Push Up Form

Posted Dec 20 2011 11:36am
Good Morning!
After our morning workouts this past week, we have been enjoying this super healthy, protein and omega-3 packed smoothie.  
It's delicious and easy to make in our Magic Bullet.
1 medium banana 2 Tbsp Golden Flaxseed Meal 1/3 cup eggwhites 2 oz orange juice 2 oz blueberries splash of pineapple juice
1 cup chopped ice
I combine all ingredients in my Magic Bullet and blend.  
The other thing I wanted to talk about this morning was push ups!  
Push ups are a full body workout and some fitness experts consider it the "perfect" exercise.  Up until a couple months ago, I couldn't even do more than ten at a time!
Why are push ups awesome?
- they are cheap (free)
- they don't require any equipment
- they work your whole body
- you can do them anywhere
However, push ups need to be done correctly!  I thought I was doing mine correctly, until I was taught the correct way - the military way!  Wow - MUCH harder!
Here's how you do them!
Kneel down and place your hands on the floor underneath your shoulders. Make sure your fingers are facing forward. 
Come off your knees so that only your toes and hands are making contact with the floor. Tighten your abdominals, lower back, quadriceps and glutes to keep your back in a straight line. This is important! Now, with your back straight and your fingers facing forward, slowly drop your body towards the floor.
  The important point here is to make sure your elbows pinch your sides.         
Do not allow your elbows to flare outwards!
Keep moving down until your elbows are just off the floor. Hold this position briefly, then start moving back up to the starting position. 
Push ups are MUCH harder with your elbows by your ribs!
But trust me, eventually you will be able to do more and more at once!
Have a wonderful day!
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