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Smile, people will wonder what you are up to!

Posted Oct 20 2008 10:35pm
Remember that old slogan? As I practice my positive attitude choice everyday, I have started to make a focused effort everyday to walk around with a smile on my face. Walking thru the streets of Chicago yesterday I realized that I was probably the only person on the street with a smile on my face. (Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love Chicago and the people, it was rush hour and I was going the opposite direction than those going to the train station). And that felt great. But I also thought, I wonder if people are thinking, what is she up to!

It amazes me when you speak to people say at the cab stand in the morning etc and they look at you like you are from a foreign land. I know, everyone is not a morning person like me, but people need to learn to put a smile on their face with their makeup, when they shave etc. Hey, most people it makes them look younger, isn ’t that enough to make you smile?!

I make a point to watch the people on the street last night while waiting outside the theater for my sister and mother. Boy, some people are really ugly when they don’t smile and they look sooooo unhappy. I guess if they knew how awful they looked they might try and change their expressions. Some looked so sad or even to the point that I thought boy, wonder what her story is, she looks like she’s been abused. But, in all reality it is probably the mode these people have moved in forever. You frown when its cold or the wind blows. Try smiling and it doesn ’t seem so bad. Try smiling more and everything seems to change.

O.K., here goes Polly Anna again, I know, this seems so unreal. But it works. Attitude can make such a big difference in your day. If you start it with a smile on your face before walking out the door, I bet your day will go better. How can you be in a bad mood or say something cross if you have a smile on your face? Think about it, the people who have the negative words or cynical comments all the time, do they ever smile? The ones I know don’t. So, Smile, and make them wonder just what is she up to?
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