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Small Business Feature / The Mod Cabin

Posted Mar 04 2013 8:33am

I’m so excited to introduce The Small Business Feature Series on Me, Redone!  Each post will feature a fabulous small business that provides quality products created from ingredients with integrity.  I love supporting small businesses and these folks are the real deal.   No shareholders, budgets, or quotas.  No toxic chemicals, dyes, or preservatives.  Just good people doing good things who deserve our attention.

Now that we’re all up to speed, let’s talk about The Mod Cabin

TMC Round Logo Wood

Based Boulder, Colorado, The Mod Cabin  features hand made soy candles , to die for natural skin care including  body butters and scrubs , and even  grooming products for the men!  Owners Cory & Chris hand make small batches of each product (to ensure quality) with top notch ingredients and recipes.

Mod Cabin

Each product has no more than a handful of ingredients – all of which are proudly listed on the label.  Some of my favorites:

The mountain gypsy body butter is deliciously moisturizing and the vanilla cinnamon scent smells incredible.

Mountain Gypsy Butter

The herb patch essential oil candle lives in my kitchen.

Herb Patch The Mod Cabin products are natural, cruelty-free, and the packaging is either recycled or recyclable.  And who doesn’t like a product you can feel good about using?  These guys are great for our bodies, minds, animals, and the planet.

Owner Cori Gray was kind enough to take some time to talk to us about The Mod Cabin :

Tell us about you and your business.  What was the inspiration for getting started?

The Mod Cabin was originally our Etsy store where we sold mid mod furnishings.  We love mixing modern design and mountain style.  As a hobby we made candles and our own skincare. We had trouble finding all natural products in scents that we really liked, that reflected us.  We gave a lot of our products to our friends as gifts, and we were told that we should start selling them.  We thought that was a wonderful idea, and really wanted to produce a product that we had complete control over to ensure that it was all-natural, healthy, and just all around awesome.

What products do you offer?

We offer hand crafted, all-natural skin care, such as men’s and women’s body scrubs, body butters and face cleansers, as well as men’s grooming aids like shaving soap, beard wax, and grooming oil.  We also hand craft essential oil candles that capture the essence of living in the Rocky Mountains.  Many of our products are multi-purpose and unisex.  Even the Beard Wax can be used as pomade for shorter hair.  If you have short hair and are into woodsy scents, regardless of if you’re male or female, you can use our Beard Wax!

Tell us about your ingredients

We LOVE our ingredients!  There are no ingredients in our products that we do not use ourselves. Everything we sell we use ourselves.  We pride ourselves on being upfront about all the ingredients we use. We’ve found similar products in health stores that say they are all-natural and list their ingredients, yet we constantly find they contain synthetic dyes, fragrances and chemicals that they do not disclose.  If you buy a product with “proprietary blend” listed, even if it’s a blend of essentials oils, you may be purchasing a product that you are allergic to. We have a friend that’s allergic to vanilla!  You’d be surprised how many fragrances have vanilla in them.  That’s definitely information that she needs to know when purchasing a product, even if it’s a candle.  We list each product’s ingredients on the label and our website.  For a comprehensive list of all our ingredients you can visit .  What you WON’T find in our ingredients are synthetic dyes and fragrances, parabens, and petroleum products.

What are your most popular items?

1. People seem to really love our Mountain Gypsy Whipped Body Butter.  There’s something about the scent that is so warm and energizing, and it’s very moisturizing.
2  The Mountain Gypsy Dead Sea Salt Scrub is also very popular.  The mineral content in dead sea salt is very high, and people see a big benefit to their skin when they use it. Plus it smells amazing!
3. Our Ember candle is a very popular candle, and is great for creating a warm, relaxing atmosphere.

Where can people buy your products?

All our products can be purchased online at .  If you are in Boulder County, Colorado you can visit our display at Isabelle Farm Stand ( ) in Lafayette, CO.

Name one product you can’t live without?

Chris can’t live without his Gunbarrel Grooming Oil, (which is named after a town here in Boulder County). He uses it as a pre-shave oil to moisturize his skin before shaving, and in his beard to moisturize and stimulate beard growth.  Moisturizing his beard helps it stay manageable, and it smells amazing to boot!

I can’t live without my Mountain Gypsy Dead Sea Salt Scrub!  The air is so dry here in Colorado, and my skin suffers, especially my elbows.  The dead sea salt scrub is amazing.  I love the way my skin smells and feels after using it!

What’s your favorite healthy dish?

I was raised on southern food, which is generally breaded and fried and very bad for you.  My favorite healthy dish is a take on my favorite southern food; barbecue chicken using grilled skinless chicken breasts with a healthy, homemade bbq sauce, low in sugar and big on spice, roasted okra instead of breaded and fried okra, and a small baked sweet potato instead of a regular baked potato.  I never thought I’d like sweet potatoes, but I think I was confusing yams for sweet potatoes.  They’re so full of nutrients, and delicious enough to eat with no toppings!  Chris’s favorite healthy dish is simple.  He really likes to eat raw veggies, like carrots, cauliflower, and hearts of palm, along with a hot cup of yerba mate tea.  He’s become quite the tea connoisseur, and can make a wonderful cup of tea for whatever is ailing you.

Cory & Chris of The Mod Cabin

Thanks Cori & Chris!

note:  I sampled some of The Mod Cabin’s products in order to write this article. As always, all opinions are my own

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