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Slippery Stuff, Foam and Hogwash

Posted Jan 15 2009 7:42pm 1 Comment

Hi there! I’m sorry I’ve been a bit absent of late. I’ve had a sore noggin thanks to allergy season, and was taking a little break from the computer. Thanks to some good rest and a box of Claritin, my noggin is ready to do some bloggin’. (I’m truly sorry, but there was no way I could resist that one!)

Today, I’d like to share a couple of super-cool self-treatment discoveries with you:

Discovery Number One: Slippery Stuff: A couple of weeks ago, I was really bummed to learn that my favorite lubricant was no longer on the market. It was called FemGlide and was water-based and super-gentle for sensitive gals like me. Every other lubricant I’ve tried in the past has irritated my parts. My big ole 16 oz bottle of FemGlide was like an old friend. Whenever I used it, whether it was to self-treat or to insert a suppository, I could always depend on it to add its lovely cooling sensation to the mix. The good news is: FemGlide has simply been repackaged and is now sold to individuals as “ Slippery Stuff.” IMPORTANT: THE SLIPPERY STUFF/FEMGLIDE EQUIVALENT IS THE BOTTLE WITH THE BLUE LABEL. Apparently the company that manufactures FemGlide (Cooper Surgical), now only sells it to doctors and clinics. Luckily one of its distributers (Wallace O’Farrell) pays to have it repackaged and relabeled and sells it to individuals as Slippery Stuff (Blue Label!). This may seem much ado about a little goop, but self-treatment and my suppositories are important to my improvement. It would be uncool if I didn’t have a lubricant I could trust to not irritate my areas.

Discovery Number Two: Foam Roller DVD: I have what’s called “the typical pelvic pain posture,” which means I am sway backed and also have a bit of scoliosis (my mother is a beautiful, petite, 4 foot, 9 inch Italian woman who brags about being 90 lbs when she was pregnant with me; I often wonder if the cramped quarters caused my little fetus self to develop into wonderful crooked me.) These “special” traits of mine add up to tight back muscles, which are no good for my temperamental pelvic floor. So, an important component of my self-treatment is using my trusty foam roller to stretch out my back. But, for some reason, I can never remember how to do all of my foam roller moves. Last week I found a workout DVD online that is devoted 100% to foam roller exercises! It’s called Keli Roberts: Flexibility for the Inflexible. It’s really helped me with my foam rolling routine.

Click here if you’d like to order some Slippery Stuff!

Click here if you’d like to order the foam roller DVD!

Lastly, I am still plugging away on the important blog entry about finding a doc who knows his/her way around the pelvic floor. I’ve postponed it a bit, not only because of my noggin’ trouble, but also because tomorrow I am going to a lecture at one of the top hospitals here in Los Angeles. The lecture will be delivered by one of the most knowledgeable pelvic floor PTs in the country to a roomful of gynecologists affiliated with the hospital.

Julie has asked me to share my story with the audience after she has finished her talk. I will be like a living visual aide! I’m terribly nervous about it as public speaking is a big fear of mine, but I’ve figured out a strategy for keeping cool. When I first came down with all this pelvic pain stuff, I was bounced around from doctor to doctor. I told one of the doctors that I had been told that my pelvic floor muscles were in spasm and I needed to see a PT. He basically told me that that was a lot of hogwash! So, I’m going to pretend that the room is full of Dr. Hogwashes and fantasize that I’m setting them straight about my pelvic floor spasm and my need for physical therapy.

Rock and Foam Roll!
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Thanks for your comments about Slippery Stuff and FemGlide.  My name is Michael O'Farrell and I am the CEO here at Wallace-O'Farrell Inc.  We have been manufacturing and bottling Slippery Stuff since 1984.  I would like to clarify a few things in your kind post.  Slippery Stuff was the original name for this formula.  In 1996 Cooper Surgical Inc. came to us and asked us to bottle Slippery Stuff for them under their private label, which was FemGlide.  We did that for Cooper until 2007 when FemGlide was discontinued due to an amicable parting of the ways between our two companies. This same gentle formula, which is identical to the one we used in FemGlide, is still available at as Slippery Stuff Blue Label.  Thanks again and if anyone has any questions please contact us at

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