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Shouldn't the intent be to do without medications etc

Posted Aug 14 2008 10:25am
It seems more and more people I meet are on medication of some sort for an ailment that could go away if the person would only diet, eat right, exercise, etc. But many people at work, and those I meet out take a pill and live with the problem. What is wrong with this picture.

I had a boss once who, after a meeting on providing programs at work that encouraged people to accept one another as they are, value diversity etc., say to me, "Diane, isn't the intent here to someday not need these programs?" Wow, I thought, how true that is, but all we do is go on and on for years with all these programs and never seem to make any progress. But these programs go on and on and cost more and more. Just like those who think, oh, I have high blood pressure, or I don't feel well. They take expensive medications and never seem to get better, just tolerable. Yet, if they stopped smoking, eating the wrong foods, etc, they may actually rid themselves of the problem. Wow, what a novel idea, actually change your lifestyle so you don't need the medications!

I was a working mother. I had an approach with my daughter that some may have thought if they just happened to witness my comments for the first time, think I was not very caring. But when ever she had a little sniffle, or wasn't quite feeling top notch, I would say, oh, you are o.k., you are not sick. You will feel much better soon, etc. I did not buy into, oh you are going to get sick, don't you feel worse, etc. And you know what, my daughter was very seldom sick. Some children we knew, on the other hand, whose mothers were always pushing meds down them for some ailment were sick much more than Melanie. As I have learned the power of positive thinking, I realized I did just that with my daughter. And all along I just thought it was an over committed working mother who could not take on another issue!

So, if you get an inkling you may be getting sick, STOP, say you are not and will not get sick and change your attitude. Change your lifestyle, attitude and heal yourself. Why give your hard earned money to a pharmacy when you could take that money and purchase nice clothes, go out for an evening etc. As I believe, our intent should always be to live without the medications, etc and have a life that is great.
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