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Shoulder dystocia

Posted Oct 17 2008 9:13pm
So, I went to a fantastic medical/nursing conference the other week on Shoulder Dystocia. It was awesome! We got to do hands on practice on pelvises ( pelvii?) at the end.

Wait a sec - didn't I already post about this? Major dejavu moment there............


A few evenings ago, I had a shoulder dystocia right at a change of shift delivery. Of course, they always deliver at change of shift! The dystocia actually went pretty smoothly, as far as dystocias go. Got her in McRobert's, called for help, did suprapubic pressure. I already had a 2 nd RN at the bedside, but we probably could have used a 3rd or 4 th RN as well. Of course, almost every other nurse was busy in other deliveries at the time.......but all's well that ends well. No clavicularfx palpated by yours truly on the newborn, and baby was moving all limbs equally.

Here's hoping for a less stressful shift tonight........

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