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Should the first period after childbirth be heavy how long should it last?

Posted by gina81

First period since having my baby 12 weeks ago although i haven't had any cramps its much heavier than they normally would be.  I'm going through a pad every hour and a half. There are a few clots about the size of a 20p just wondering if this is normal, if so how long will it last?
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See your doctor after the period has lasted longer than normal (7-10 days).  This has happened to me after my last two pregnancies.  It began with my third period--lasted 40 days until I could get in to see my doctor who told me to wait-and-see for another month then put me on birth control after I protested.  This last time (with a new doctor) lasted 21 days until I could get in (my fault this time).  They ran a series of tests, measured the lining and did an ultrasound.  They looked for precancerous problems and uterine fibroids--both negative.  So they think it is my hormones out of wack possibly due to polycystic ovary syndrome.  They had to give me hormones to stop it. 

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