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Should I be worried about late period and abnormal PMS Symptoms(no breast tenderness)?

Posted by californiagirl

I usually get my period every 28-35 days (counting from first day of last period) and PMS symptoms (breast tenderness and cramping) about a week before I get my period. My last period was on Aug 2-7. I had protected sex (he wore a condom ) the last week of August. I was due for my period about second week of Sept.... like on Sept 7 . But nothing! I obviously was worried but have not taken a pregnancy test. Today is Sept 19 and I just got my period (heavy flow... my period usually starts very light)... I did have cramping for 3-5 days before I got my period today but it went away quickly went I noticed it. I did not have any breast tenderness which is a sure tale sign that I would be getting my period.

I have been dieting, and exercising (exercising 4-7days a week 30-1:30hrs a day) and a little stressed from work. Could my new regiment affected my period? I also had the flu the last week of August (before my period was due). Could this affected it as well?

Should I still take a pregnancy test or see the doctor?

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