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Should i be concerned about the spotting that occurred before my period? If it wasn't implantation bleeding, what was it?

Posted by lala

My husband and I are trying to conceive. I am taking my basal body temperature. I have a relatively healthy cycle 28-34 days. I tend to ovulate around day 18. This month on the 9th day of my luteral phase I spotted dark brown blood for a day or two (while my temperatures remained high above my coverline). I assumed this meant i had some implantation bleeding and got very excited. Then on day 13 of my luteral phase my temp began to drop a little and by the next day my temp dropped below my coverline and I got my period.  .This is the first time I've ever spotted before my period. I am 37 years old and in excellent health. I have had my hormone levels checked before starting to try to conceive and have also had an ultrasound of my ovaries and doc says all looks healthy.
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