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Shortness of breath mostly at night and thru a.m. hours not every day, itchy rash on 1/2 of stomach

Posted by rudene

8 weeks ago came back from vacation with bad sinus infection, pulled groin muscle?, loose crown.  Had crown recemented, root canal.  one week after this started experiencing shortness of breath at night and thru most a.m. hours, but not every night.   Occasionally lips will tingle, and hands.   Now have large itchy rash (for about 4 weeks) on 1/2 my stomach.  Had cardiac workup done, stress test, echo all o.k.  Went to allergist, did skin test for pollen, mold, etc. all ok.  Feel like this is chemical reaction?  changed to perfume free dye free detergent and soaps.  Was using efferdent heavily to clean stained plate.  Stopped that a week ago.  Any ideas?

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