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Shoping For Wedding Rings For Men Is More Fun

Posted Jan 21 2013 7:18am

Shoping For Wedding Rings For Men Is More Fun

When I first heard that shopping for wedding rings for men was “more fun” than shopping for her own jewelry, I wondered “how could she say that?” As we all know a woman who loves to shop, I know how rare it is for any man to look thrilled when he’s at the mall. In fact, it seems like men go to great lengths to look as bored as possible, just to get out of that estrogen-fueled environment quickly as possible! So I listened with interest as my engaged friend explained the joys of looking at countless wedding rings for men.


As it turned out, I had it pictured all wrong. When she said “shopping for wedding rings for men”, she wasn’t talking about a store in a mall. To the contrary; the event she described did sound like fun. She and her fiancé spent the entire morning last Sunday lying in bed with two mammoth cups of fresh-brewed Starbucks and a laptop. As unromantic as this may sound, she made it sound pretty good.

Turns out they were running out of time to pick out her fiancé’s wedding ring and were told it would take a few weeks to get a large-size ring from the jeweler. One of her bridesmaids told her about a website called, where she found a great price on a beautiful cobalt chrome ring for her fiancé, and they were both satisfied with their purchase.

Before getting online that morning, my co-worker’s fiancé decided he wanted something different. He’s a bit on the artsy side – not the traditional type at all – so he was really not interested in a standard gold band. Instead of dragging him out to the local jeweler to search in vain for a ring that would match his taste, they decided to stay in bed and pick one out online.

He was thrilled at this concept, and said “nothing beats that kind of convenience.” After reviewing an endless selection of wedding rings for men, the two lovebirds finally agreed on a sleek black titanium ring with a silver titanium band around the center. Not only was it in-stock and ready for immediate delivery – in a size 15 – it was on sale and even came with a lifetime guarantee. How’s that for a happy ending?

The moral of this story is two-fold. First of all, when it comes to wedding planning, why not take advantage of opportunities to shop online? Too many brides make everything more complicated than it has to be, which often results in spending a lot more money. Secondly, if you can come up with creative ways to make wedding planning fun for the groom, he may be more willing to jump in and help you with the details. There’s no guarantee that everything will be as much fun as shopping in bed for wedding rings for men, but it is a great place to start.

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