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Sharp splinter like pain on my leftside big toe, is it bunions?

Posted by Q.C.G.

I do alot of walking during and after work. Yesterday was different, i just got off work and was having lunch with the kids at the mall and as i was making my way to the last restuarant in th food court this splinter-like pain on the bottom of my big toe (leftside) hits me, causing me to stop to the nearest table and to remove my sock and shoe. I was wearing my running shoe that day. As i checked to see if i had gotten a splinter; all i saw was spot on my foot had a bruise and as i felt and looked to see if there was anything else the bruise went away. Now im at home resting the foot, i still feel the sharp pain even after hours of not wearing any shoes and being off of it, esepcially when i make a trip down to the restroom. I am a healthy slim women in her late 20's, who goes out running (5K runs) on the weekends. My family has a history of arthuritis but i belive to know this is nothing like that.
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