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Sharing your visions with others....can sometimes make you fat, broke and depressed...

Posted Dec 04 2009 8:29am
Have you ever had a vision of the life you want and shared it with those around you?  Does their reaction to your vision curb your momentum or does it help you foster and propel your vision? 

Some people in your life may not have the same vision for growth, abundance or prosperity.  The negative messages you hear can sometimes come from the very people you think should be in your corner supporting and cheering you on.  When you are on a life journey of change not everyone will understand your motivation to change.  Putting your vision out there, voicing what you feel, proclaiming what you plan to accomplish on your quest to become the person your true self, can be quite scary. Others in your life may react from their own fear of change and discount your visions and journey.  These people have been called "dream stealers" and how you react to these dream stealers can make or break your journey in life. 

My dream stealers have always been the ones closest to me. I have spent my life trying to prove to them that I am a visionary and I can change... that I am acceptable in their eyes.  This life mission of proving myself to those who love to steal my dreams has only left me broke, fat and depressed.  So I manifest their negative opinion by failing myself, losing my health and wellness for their approval.

Why am I seeking the approval of those who will never approve?  If I look at their lives, are they happy and living a life of abundance and prosperity? 

Have you ever met a person who was truly happy with themselves and their lives and still trying to tear you apart? 

So, today I surround myself with people who will help me foster my vision and ignore those who want to steal my vision.  The more support I seek from those with the visionary mindset, the less I listen to those who want to steal my vision..

Well you may be thinking how can this story help me. The lesson here is to surround yourself with the people who will foster your growth, prosperity and abundance.  In return your life will be healthy, prosperious and abundant...Ironically, after your success becomes apparent to those who choose not to support you now, may in the future, end up seeking your guidance on their journey to find their own lost visions....

Embrace your visions, discover your passions, and find your inner Compass....
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