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Sexually transmitted diseases/UTI

Posted by malibu10


 I recently went to the doctor because I had experienced lower abdominal cramping along with a discharge and painful sex.  I have had a UTI before and felt that this is what it was.  I went to an urgent care facility and the assistant first told me she saw nothing in my urine sample and when I told her that can't be she tested it again and came back and told me that leukosites were detected.   I went to the exam room, the doctor looked at me and asked my symptoms and then asked if there was a preference for medicine.  No one ever told me if it was a UTI or bladder infection.  My husband said a long time ago this happened to a friend and they told him that he had the clap.  Isn't the clap a sexually tranmitted disease and what I have been diagnosed should not be considered the clap.  Are those the same thing?  What is the difference between a UTI and a bladder infection?  I asked the doctor if it was contagious and he said it is not common. but he never told me exactly what I had and then sent me home with a Z-pack.  He told me they would test to see if the bacteria was immune to this medication and let me know.  In the meantime I took the first two pills on Wednesday and I am finishing up the last pill on Saturday.  This whole experience has left me confused.  What are the causes of  a UTI or bladder infection?  This is the 2nd one in a year and I am wondering why.  My other question for a doctor is can I drink alcohol when I am taking this medicine?  If I do drink will the medicine not work?  


Dazed and Confused???

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