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Severe bruising to my pelvic area? Female 36yrs old. Hard lumps now showing up, is this normal?

Posted by worried

I was in a motorcycle accident two weeks ago causing severe bruising to my pelvis area when I slammed into the tank of my motorcycle. I am a 36 yr old female. At first it was purple & blue and swollen. Now the bruising is going away but I still have swelling. I am starting to get these hard lumps under my skin. I am very scared. Should I be worried? What should I do? I don't have health insurance & can't afford to go to the ER again. Thank you, Ximena
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 Hello, I don't know when your message was posted, But i just had the same accident one week ago. I went to ER and had a CT of abd & pelvis. The MD said all was well and to put ice on it and then heat. I did this and the swelling decreased and so did the bruising. Now Im getting the hard lumps and Im worried. I have made an appointment w/ my regular MD, hopefully he will see me today & explain what is going on. I will update you on the information I recieve. Please let me know if you have gotten any useful information. Thanks Deb
Hi Deb, It has been 11 months since my motorcycle accident. I now have only one lump on my left side and that side is still swollen. I have a feeling it will never be the same :(. Well I am glad you are ok and keep me updated. Thanks,
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