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Self induction of labor

Posted Aug 23 2008 3:13pm

I'm asking you, my dear readers, a question:

Did you try to induce your own labor? How did you do it? Did it work for you?

After asking that, I will share this with you. I attempted to induce my own labor, starting at about 39 weeks gestation, with my 3rd (and last) child. Yes, I was part of the "tired of being pregnant" crowd. I didn't start talking induction with my midwives though. Back then, I took a daily dose of magnesium to help with my fibromyalgia symptoms, and simply stopped taking my daily dose at 39 weeks. 4 days later, I went into spontaneous labor. Was there a correlation? Who knows. I also started taking evening primrose oil at about 38 weeks, orally.

I had a theory, that if I needed to maintain a certain level of magnesium in my body through oral supplements to help with the muscle pain of fibro, then perhaps, by stopping magnesium, it would cause my uterus to contract. After all, magnesium is used (albeit, in very large doses, in an IV) to stop preterm contractions. What would it hurt to try and see if stopping my oral mag would stimulate uterine contractions?

All in all, I doubt it did anything, to be honest! I think my body was ready to go into labor when it was ready. Nothing I said or did would change that. However, my muscle aches were getting quite bad by the time I started going into labor.

Oh yes, and my labor? 5 hrs and 45 minutes. Shortest - labor - ever! (for me)

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