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Posted Aug 15 2012 5:25pm
In the comments of a previous post asked where to find more info on gyn self-exam --- this is where I found that image in the post "speculums" --

I highly encourage every woman to get in touch with what her body looks like, both outside and inside.  It's pretty cool (in my opinion) to see your own cervix.  Yes, I have seen my own cervix!  I actually watched on a camera screen when I had a colposcopy done many years ago, and looked at my cervix while at Clinical Bound for school (thank you pelvic partner for that opportunity to see my cervix!).

BTW, you can buy single plastic speculums for less than $15 each (as advertised on the link above).  On Amazon, for instance, you can buy them for less.  Heck, you can even buy a pack of 10 of them.

All you really need is a speculum, a flashlight, and a mirror.
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