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San Diego plastic surgeon - Plastic surgery

Posted Dec 02 2010 5:19am
San Diego plastic surgeon

Plastic surgery is a growing industry. It was once only associated with women and now is associated with anyone. The amounts of procedures that one can have, has increased and the amount of people that feel comfortable and safe enough to undergo the surgery have also. Many men are starting to realize that they have the same concerns about their bodies as women do. With one in every three adults being considered over weight many people look to plastic surgery to solve their weight problems or to simply regain self-esteem. There are quite a few others procedures that often bring men into the San Diego plastic surgeon s office.


Many men suffer from a condition called gynecomastia or enlarged breast. This can be very embarrassing. The only way to get rid of this is through a breast augmentation. San Diego liposuction is used to eliminate the breast. This San Diego breast augmentation is a simple and permanent breast reduction as the breast should not return unless there is a significant weight gain in which case the fat will return to the area. There are several other procedures that are common now among men when plastic surgery was not common among men at all.


There is a wider range of San Diego cosmetic surgery procedures that one can chose to undergo. Plastic surgery is now widely accepted. One of the most popular procedures among men and women is rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty surgery is commonly known as a nose job. There are several reasons why one would chose to have rhinoplasty surgery. Not too long ago surgeries like rhinoplasty were only done by the rich and famous, but now rhinoplasty is done commonly here in the US and around the world. This procedure can be done in order to correct a breathing problem or simply for cosmetic reasons. It is common for someone to have had their nose broken and it completely change their facial appearance. Rhinoplasty can also completely change ones facial appearance.


Although plastic surgery is common and popular among all age groups now, one should remember that plastic surgery is still surgery and should be taken seriously. All of these surgeries require a recovery period. One should research their surgeon before undergoing any procedure and verify their background. There are different risks involved for different procedures, but every procedure does have serious risk, and one should be aware.

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