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San Diego plastic surgeon: Plastic Surgery: Popular Breast Augmentation

Posted Sep 28 2010 11:04pm
breast augmentation La Jolla

Although plastic surgery is often criticized for being fake or over used it should be compared to make up, padded bras and undergarments that are suppose do their job at making one’s body look slimed down and curvy. Plastic surgery should be in the same category as the rest of these beauty products that have been in use for many years. Men and women are both constantly concerned with self-improvement not only in beauty but also in health. Women more than men are concerned with the look and feel of their body and worry about changes that have occurred or will occur. A woman’s body changes a lot throughout her lifetime for several reasons, gaining weight, having children, and menopause these changes make it impossible for a woman to gain back her figure naturally. Leading San Diego plastic surgeon s often perform breast augmentation on women who are unhappy with what years of change has done to their breast.


After aging, having children, and weight fluctuations a woman’s breast can lose or gain density, increase or decrease in size and lose their shape. There are quite a few breast augmentation procedures that cater to the specific problem a woman desires to fix about her breast. Women who are generally happy with their breast size but feel that they have lost density because of having children and gravity has brought their breast down usually opt to have a breast lift. There are several ways to perform a breast lift; one can chose which type of incision. Usually with all plastic surgery San Diego surgeons allow the patients to choose the location of their incision because this is where the scar will also lay and most patients chose to have the incision that makes the procedure the most discreet.


Other women have problems with their breast because they are too large for their body frame, and they would like to be able to live a normal life doing everyday normal things without having their large breast get in the way of physical activities. In some cases if a woman’s large breasts are causing back pain insurance will cover her breast reduction. Many patients and surgeons alike often agree that breast reduction is the most painful of all breast augmentation La Jolla surgery, because the surgeon must remove breast tissue.


Breast implants San Diego surgeons say is the most popular breast augmentation surgery there is out there. Many women long to enhance and enlarge their breast with breast implants. This surgery has several choices for incision and placement and is said to be one of the easiest going recoveries, if all of the surgeon’s orders are followed. All breast augmentation is very popular and common among women, but it is still surgery which means there are several risk involved. It is important to be informed and aware of the surgery.

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