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San Diego plastic surgeon: Know the risks of plastic surgery

Posted Nov 05 2010 9:40pm
San Diego plastic surgeon

Before deciding to undergo ones desired plastic surgery procedure he or she should be well aware of the risks involved. It is naïve to think that because it is an optional procedure it is less risky, it is not and the risks may be very serious depending on what procedure one decides to move forward with. One must take in to account that all plastic surgery comes with the risk of anesthesia. Although some surgeons choose to use local anesthesia most procedures are done with general anesthesia which poses more risks. Leading San Diego plastic surgeon s often use general anesthesia on their patients and the make sure that their patients are well aware of the several risk posed by anesthesia alone.


Some people may experience an allergic reaction to anesthesia or if put under for too long one can develop blood clots. This is also part of the reason why patients are asked not to become immobile after surgery to prevent a blood clot. Commonly after a San Diego tummy tuck surgeons asked patients to take short walks around the room. A tummy tuck procedure is one of the most extensive plastic surgeries and often requires the use of general anesthesia. The length of a tummy tuck depends on how much excess fat and skin is to be removed and because the abdomen is widely opened and muscles are tighten it is logical for the patient to be asleep.


Some surgeons chose to do other procedures such as San Diego liposuction under local anesthesia. Some surgeons make the decision on the type of anesthesia depending on how much fat is to be suctioned out and others simply decide based on the liposuction technique being used. Some patients however chose the risks of general anesthesia because they’d rather be fully asleep. The risks of anesthesia are commonly accepted but the risk of surgery is generally what drives fear into most prospective patients.


If one is going undergoing plastic surgery for San Diego breast implants there is also the risk of one’s body rejecting the foreign object inside by having an allergic reaction to it or encasing it in. Encasing the implant in is called capsular contraction it rarely happens, but it does happen and can leave the breast deformed until reconstructed. With all plastic surgeries there is the risk of not healing properly, developing and infection, allergic reactions, and visible scaring. It is rare for someone who takes proper care after their surgery to experience any bad side effects; however one should always be well informed about their procedure and all it entails.

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