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San Diego breast augmentation - Plastic Surgery: Patients Should Follow Doctors Orders

Posted Dec 30 2010 5:04am
San Diego breast augmentation

Undergoing surgery may seem scary and after entrusting one’s life to what should be an experienced surgeon the most important aspect is to follow all of the surgeon’s guidelines before and after surgery. The key to minimal scaring and fast healing is following all of the surgeons after surgery instructions. Before surgery one should always make sure that there is someone which will care for them for as long as the surgeon suggest after the surgery is complete. Even surgeries that area considered simple can get complicated if the right care is not taken afterwards. Patients should only be engaging in activity approved by their San Diego plastic surgeon.


After having breast augmentation one should expect to be bruised, sore and swollen because the breast tissue was stretched and separated. One should expect to wear a surgical bra for several days after surgery. San Diego breast augmentation patients are asked to wear a sports bra until the swelling lessens. Heavy lifting and straining is discouraged as it can cause the breast to swell and hinder the healing process. After about one full week of healing most patients return to work, this is generally for most plastic surgeries.


It will take some times for full sensation to return back to the breast and nipples but it will return. Often times breast feeding is not hindered but one should speak to their surgeon about this. It is recommended that one wait till after they have children to have breast augmentation surgery because of breast feeding and so that one does not have to undergo a second breast augmentation surgery. It is recommended that one is done have children before they undergo any San Diego Cosmetic surgery that has to do with the body so that the procedure does not have to be repeated.


After surgery one can expect to have scars. This is a risk that patients are willing to take. Often times the scars and are small and inconspicuous as ones surgeons should do their absolute best to place incisions where they are not visible. Incisions are placed within in the natural folds of the breast or armpit. Breast augmentation surgery is often combined with San Diego liposuction to compliment the procedure and for the best results. One should keep in mind that the most important part is the recovery and if one heals properly the result will be the absolute best.

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