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San Diego Breast Augmentation: Breast implants

Posted Jul 15 2010 10:42pm

San Diego Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a very well known plastic surgery that is highly sought out in several places around the world. No matter what the reason may be for a patients desire in augmentation he or she will be still have to go through the same pre and post operation process, so it is highly important to know all the proper steps and to chose the right surgeon. Like all other surgeries San Diego Breast Augmentation has risks and possible complications. Some potential side affects from breast augmentation include: hardening of the breast, uneven breasts, infection and rippling. Like with any surgery these risks are greatly minimized when performed by a qualified and experienced San Diego Plastic surgeon. After doing some research and looking at the outs and ins of several aspects of the surgery most decide that the surgery out weighs the risk then one will decided to have the surgery.


When having breast implant surgery it is important to have realistic goals and speak to ones surgeons about what is ideal and realistic for ones body. The goal with breast implants is always to make the women’s breast look as natural as possible. In order to do so there are several different aspects to the San Diego breast implants. There are different shapes sizes and two different materials in which a patient must chose in order to provide him or her with the perfect breast. Choosing silicone or saline is crucial to obtaining the desired result.


Leading San Diego cosmetic surgeon s say silicone implants are the more natural looking option for breast implants. Silicone mimics human fat closely and that is why the natural feel of the implant is very much like natural breast. Saline implants are made up of a salt water solution in a silicone she’ll. Most surgeons agree that because saline implants are not filled the time of placement they generally have a more natural looking size, but being filled at the time can sometimes work against the surgeons better judgment. When saline implants are filled at the site they must fill the implant a little more than discussed because it does go down a bit; however, if the implant is overfilled too much it will cause rippling in the breast. Breast implants are not a life time device, they will have to be replaced and redone sometime. Silicone implants last longer because even if one leaks it will still maintain its shape and go along time without notice. If a saline implants leaks it will immediately flatten and ones body will soak up the solution leaving no trace. The solution inside the saline implant is not harmful to the body in anyway. Size matters when it comes to women’s breast. The reason for having breast augmentation is to fix an issue of proportion or symmetry. The most commonly requested breast size is a C cup, but surgeons do not measure in cups but in cc’s so in the consultation size will be thoroughly discussed. tear drop shaped or round is another crucial part of breast augmentation. Before deciding on breast implants one should speak to several surgeons and get several opinions. Breast Implants are a life time decision and therefore one should know all the details of what they would like and be aware that breast implants are a life long decision.

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