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Safe Horizon Turns Away Domestic Violence Victim...

Posted Oct 27 2009 11:04pm

Let me introduce you to the DV run around........

The Japanese immigrant victim that I am in contact with updated me on the run around that all of the domestic violence service providers gave her today, not much different from any other day. Warning: Prepare yourself, and try not to get confused.

This woman needs an advocate, a pro bono DV divorce attorney, and CVB assistance--should be simple with all the money all of these agencies get from the government. Every day this woman spends most of her work day contacting programs and DV organizations for help, she has been going through this for months with no luck. Today she tried Safe Horizon again and this is how it went...

Calls Safe Horizon----Safe Horizon turns her away, not accepting new victims---referred her to NOW NYC ---calls NOW NYC-----NOW NYC refers her to Safe Horizon.


Wow, one full circle, at least it didn't take long.

The OPDV refers her to NYC bar association ---waits on the line---gets transferred---gets transferred---gets disconnected.


Queens Legal Services calls her back---suggests she finds a lawyer in Westchester---she already knows this---they refer her to LSHV---she has already been involved with this group and they have failed her in the past---Queens Legal Services leaves a message for the Supervisor.


What is the problem here? No help from anyone, none of the service providers are giving this domestic violence victim any help. They might as well let monkeys answer the phone, I'm sure it would be much more entertaining. This woman must spend her work day calling and begging, no wonder so many victims lose their jobs over this issue. I know from experience how difficult this situation is, and how hard it is to try and get help from just one service provider. I only got help from one place in over a year, and it wasn't much help. Almost all of these places send you on this run around, they're the same every time. How can a shelter turn away a victim? How can a shelter deny a victim a court advocate? How can't one organization locate a free divorce attorney for this woman? Why must the battle against domestic violence be harder to fight once we are out of the abusive relationships?
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