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Rx-Hale to Stop Smoking and Nicotine Withdrawal

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:11pm

Rx-Hale to Stop Smoking and Nicotine Withdrawal

Rx-Hale is a 100% natural, safe, effective herbal stop smoking medication that treats symptoms of nicotine withdrawal naturally - before they start! Contains a unique combination of herbal and mineral ingredients to assist with management of depress... Read More

No smoke without fire

There’s no doubt about it – quitting is tough! While anytime is a good time to stop smoking, it makes sense to give yourself all the help and support you can find. Getting yourself all fired up, enthusiastic and motivated is half the battle!

As usual, N ative Remedies is here to walk with you every step of the way. With our Free Stop Smoking Now Program, specially written for you by our Clinical Psychologist, along with herbal remedies to support the nervous system and emotional balance, Native Remedies hopes to help you in your journey to a nicotine-free and healthy life.

The natural way

Fortunately, nature has the answer! Supporting the nervous system and helping to maintain balanced serotonin levels in the brain can help to provide the support you need to make it all the way to the non-smoking zone!

Making sure that you are healthy and fit, eating regular healthy meals, and getting a good night’s sleep will all help you to support your body through the process of stopping smoking. Managing your stress levels, listening to relaxing CD’s and taking up a relaxing activity like yoga or meditation will also help tremendously.

People who want to stop smoking care about their health and it therefore makes sense to use natural remedies to support the process. At Native Remedies, we believe in promoting systemic health, making Rx-Hale Tablets the natural choice!

What is Rx-Hale?

Rx-Hale tablets are the first step in preparing yourself physically and mentally to stop smoking. Used for four weeks before you stop smoking and then throughout the process, Rx-Hale tablets will ensure that when the “Big Day” arrives - your first day without cigarettes - you will feel confident and prepared!

Especially formulated by our Clinical Psychologist Michele Carelse, Rx-Hale tablets contain selected natural ingredients to promote health in the brain and nervous system, helping to support well-being and emotional balance.

Rx-Hale tablets contain a unique combination of herbal and mineral ingredients to support the health of the brain and nervous system, maintaining serotonin levels within healthy limits. This means that you will feel a sense of well-being and confidence before you even start!

Taken during the month before you stop smoking and continued for a few months until the worst is over, Rx-Hale Tablets ensure that your efforts to stop smoking are fully supported by a healthy brain, feelings of well-being and the maintenance of stable sugar levels within the normal range - making sure that you begin – and successfully end - feeling strong and ready to face the challenges ahead of you!

An ex-smoker herself, Michele tried many times to stop smoking and realized the importance of being prepared beforehand. For this reason, she designed the successful Stop Smoking Now Program, including natural remedies to support the process and ensure success.

Rx-Hale to Stop Smoking and Nicotine Withdrawal

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