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Rolando Santana Fall Winter 2011 Fashion Show

Posted Mar 02 2011 12:00am
March is Women's History Month.  The theme for 2011 is "Our History is Our Strength".  Let's celebrate the many accomplishments made by women of all cultures that contributed to our history.  There are so many women to highlight, so many different paths they took so that we can enjoy the life and the choices we have right now.  Some were born leaders, others could not even imagine becoming one, but were simply fed-up with the situation around them and decided that particular day to make a stance, however uncomfortable they may have been doing so.  It is because of them we have women doctors, entrepreneurs, pageant queens, and stay-at-home moms.  Its not for us to judge and put one another on a higher or lower standing because quite honestly, we have enough people doing that already, we should support one another and allow each other to make the choice that is right for our particular life.  It is like the evolvement of women's roles and expectations, a journey.  Sometimes I'm sure they themselves could not even foresee what they were doing would have such a profound effect, but they trusted that gut feeling or just took a leap of faith.  Besides honoring the many deserving women of our history, I ask you to take that same step and have that same faith in yourself.  Forget the naysayers and believe in yourself enough to live the life you want right now. 

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