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roaring in ears

Posted by Konagirl

what causes loud roaring and pressure in the ears?  I have been told it's tinnitus and there is no cure..It drives me mad!
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Have you been near something really loud lately? I had tinnitus for a few days after standing too close to speakers. Luckily it cleared up on its own. Good luck!
I have been struggling with tinnitus for the past 4 months. Could not get any help from doctors. They said it is just something you have to learn to live with. I feel mine was caused by taking too much vitamin D. Once I quit taking it the fullness in my ears went away. I am hoping the tinnitus will eventually, too. Some people are sensitive to vitamin D and it causes too much calcium to be absorbed in the blood. I have friended the American Tinnitus Association on Facebook. They have a website about tinnitus, too.
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