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Ritmo PreNatal MP3 Player Gives Your Baby Mozart, Bach or Whatever You Want Him/Her to Hear

Posted Dec 23 2009 4:46pm
You can teach your baby how to love beautiful music from the masters, or even the non-masters if you want, using the Ritmo PreNatal MP3 Pla ryer - Think of what this can mean for your unborn child! Instant recognition of any complex musical arrangement, any composer, any symphony. Or, maybe you want him/her to listen to Rush Limbaugh? Whatever you want mom!

RITMO Prenatal Musical System Banner

Ritmo PreNatal MP3 Player

So you're having a geekling - congratulations! But have you considered the fact that you're wasting precious time letting your baby float around in the womb doing NOTHING for 9 months? Now, we're not a fan of helicopter parenting. Let 'em eat dirt and fail a couple tests, we say. But if you want a jumpstart - nay, a LEAPSTART! - on building your baby's geniusosity, you need to get a Ritmo and start filling their brains with smarts.

But there are so many decisions! There's classical music for the Mozart Effect, the educational tunes of They Might Be Giants, the geeky wonderment of Jonathan Coulton, or even those Learn X Language In Your Car courses... we mean, who wouldn't want a baby that can pop out of the womb playing the violin, knowing about paleontology, seeing the beauty of the Mandelbrot Set, and being fluent in Spanish, French, German, and two or three dialects of Chinese? Also, babies remember and prefer music they heard before they were born; be sure they prefer the right stuff.

Ritmo is the most advanced and complete system delivering quality and SAFE sound to prenatal listeners and their moms. Anything you can play in your mp3 player can be played for your baby, enabling Mom and baby to share the sensory and emotional experience.

Researchers have demonstrated that reactive listening begins at 16 weeks, when your wee geek-to-be is roughly the size of a tasty avocado. Mmmmm, avocado. Moreover, scientists have found that babies exposed to music in-utero displayed advanced intelligence, coordination, and learning abilities. More concerned with the NOW? They've also found that listening to soothing music calms the savage ninja fetus, preventing the alien baby from bursting out of you all cinematic-like.

Features & Specs:
  • Support: On-the-go, as you grow - Lightweight, elasticized, state-of the-art fabric provides gentle but effective support; whether you are relaxing, at work, or working out.
  • Chic: Fashionable and adjustable - The stylish and streamlined design is an accessory you won’t want to hide as it fashionably accommodates the growing and glowing new you.
  • Easy Care: Washable, quality fabric - The specially woven Spandex material continues to look great after multiple cleaning cycles.
  • Convenient: Hands-free experience - Convenient side pockets hold the Ritmo Audio Controller and your personal MP3 player, enabling you to enjoy a completely hands-free sound experience.
  • Advanced: Acoustic technology - Specially engineered resonance cells minimize sound leakage to deliver high quality sound to the youngest listeners.
  • Safe: Controlled sound for baby - Plug your MP3 into Ritmo’s Micro Audio Controller and set the level of surround sound you enjoy; Ritmo takes care of the baby’s safe listening, continuously adjusting the volume to optimal fetal levels.
  • Surround: 4-Speaker Sound - Two separate stereo speaker sets deliver your sound to baby in an optimally balanced and effective way (no matter where your baby is situated in your womb).
  • Battery: A fully charged battery will last approximately 5 hours
  • Box Dimensions: 60"x60"x61"
  • Shipping Weight: 2.6 lbs

  • Buy Now Mom and Dad (or just mom, or just dad, or just moms)
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