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Remember your New Years Resolution?

Posted Feb 25 2010 9:08am

As a group fitness instructor, I get super excited during the month of January. Why? Because my classes are PACKED wall to wall with new and regular members who are motivated and enthusiastic about working out and reaching their fitness and/or weight loss goals. This year, I told them "Don't be a Statistic". This is because by March my class numbers will begin to drop.

In fact, Six months after Jan. 1, only 46 percent of those who make New Year's resolutions have fulfilled them, says John C. Norcross, a professor of psychology at the University of Scranton who has conducted at least three studies on resolutions in recent years. ( News, "Will you keep New Year's resolutions? Most people don't" by Shari Rudavsky, 2002).

Here is the process that most people go thru
-Get excited and motivated by friends, family, and peers to lose weight and/or get fit.
-Go hard-core at the gym and notice immediate results (5 lbs lost, jeans fit better, etc.)
-Life happens (anyone deal with the Snowmaggedon?), working out becomes more difficult to fit in, too tired to cook
-Gives up

So you may or may not have had a few bumps in your weight loss journey. That's okay! I have too. In fact, I've gone up another jean size (or two, depending on the store). I could easily say, you know what, I'm just like Kelly Clarkson or Kirstie Alley, and its just a phase, one day it will pass...I'll worry about it TOMORROW!

Forget about tomorrow! Start today, start right now. Put those chips down, toss out that soda, grab your water bottle, and email/text your buddies to schedule a weekend workout, early AM workout, or whatever you have to do to kick your butt into gear!

I find that weightloss and fitness challenges are a HUGE re-motivator. Challenges are great to do as a group or individually, and many of them are free with awesome resources. Here are two challenges that I've done in the past and LOVED...

What other challenges are out there? Please share with the Nubian Fitness Goddess Community!

Remember, it's not too late. It's a journey, and the journey never ends. Losing is just half the battle, keeping it off is the other half. Eat right, work out, get plenty of sleep and jump back on that wagon.

Twitter: @rosehooks
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